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Casa MA






Panama City, Panama

Casa MA

Nestled in Santa Maria Country Club, this residential project is enveloped by lush greenery. In the early stages, a bold decision was made to demolish one of the walls in the main space, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood in. This choice accentuated the open-plan concept, promoting a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor. In collaboration with a landscape architect, we created a composition featuring local species, transforming the scene as plants cycled through the different times of year - blossoming, shedding leaves, and even offering up bananas for the owners to harvest. To capture the essence of the outdoors, the interior materiality was thoughtfully chosen, incorporating a lot of natural wood and textures. A palette of light colors was also introduced to emphasize the airiness the new window brought into the space, striking a perfect balance between the indoors and the surrounding vegetation.

In collaboration with: 
Isabel Brostella, Cristina Oteiza, Arquiluz Lighting Studio

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